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AMC Matador X Coupe
Rare limited build by Australian Motor Industries
AMC Matador X built by AMI Motors Australia, very rare machine. SA registered. 
Factory RHD drive Aussie assembled AMC Muscle car, one of the rarest big V8 coupes assembled here to compete with GT and GTS’s.When Ford were building the GT XT at $4,200 and Holdens had the GTS Monaro at around $3,750, AMI were assembling and building American Muscles cars for Rambler and American Motor company which were over $7,500, so very few were assembled and sold.
The Matador X Coupe made its fame on James Bond, but it also has a NASCAR history being such a solid built machine, it could take the beating.
This Matador X wears Rambler and AMC badges, the X badge was recently stolen sadly.
It has been a South Australian car most of its life, I rescued it some time ago, badly rusted in many panels including the channelling around the window tops, due to the water trap from the factory.
We welded it all up a few years ago, sadly after finishing it all, I found some mint panels, they can go with the car as spares, very rare spares indeed, from a car wrecked in the 80,s, mine came with spares from 2 or 3 cars, so very few could be left.
The Matador does not have its stock bumpers, and neither do I, so I made reverse lights for the rear mounts, and fabricated a solid steel front bar, but I have not cut or modified the body, all rust was removed and new steel welded in, and then treated behind with KO66.
The trim and chrome is made up from several wrecks, I brought everything I could find, so I suspect there are only a hand full left of this model.
It is believed around 50 were ever built here, But I am not sure, most records show none were made, it is suspected 60 bodys were sent here as kits, but not sure how many made it onto the road, making it a very rare Aussie assembled Muscle car from the 70”s
Runs a 360 Rambler motor, the one in mine is nice and tight with mods, but although rebuilt not so many klms ago, it has sat in between for years, so is crying out for some road use, trans selects well, and diff is fine, we fitted new year brake shoes, but they are 5 to 10 mill less wide, so will include the bigger shoes, has the big finned drums and big discs on the front.
With the big rims, lowered suspension, and the lack of the bumpers it looks tough as, black outs on the bonnet were next.
Presently it is 95% ready, I had to make carpets, couldn’t get any anywhere, LPG system is intact, but I welded up filler new filler was to be fitted behind drop down custom Alloy number plate holder, tank is there and has sprint type hat, everything appears to work, once filler is relocated.
Exhaust sounds great, but its stuffed, mufflers are patched, so needs new rear system ,best buyer does that to sort how they want it to sound.
Has sat for a long while, so expect trans seal leak, but so far so good lol
Runs great, drives well, new hoses, plugs, fuel pump, ect, have not checked or belted up the aricond, it is the original oddball rear mounted system, everything is in tact.
Trim is great, and I have spares, including a sports wheel, fitted an upgraded deck and speakers during the build.
We were forced to use Holden statesman period lower sill mold’s, doubt there is any originals around, they fit well and look period.
So far cooling system is great, but it has not been tested on a hot long run yet, water pump is not so old and quiet.
All up a good-looking machine, restored to the closest we could get colour wise, paint looks great, but sadly in full sun I am a bit light on, and roof has a little shrink back from sitting a few years since I painted it, but too cold here to sort that, have the paint, best phone and chat to get the best understanding.
(If you understand paint, needs a block back only on roof, and a light rub, crisp top coat and then some clear, only to a couple of panels, but I would do them all if you are going to show it.)
We can do this, but current pricing is to sell as it sits, need the room.
Trailer full of spares is by negotiation, but included in the buy it now price.
I can consider t rad in of classic, but only if a value is negotiated before bidding or final sale.  Price as it sits $22,900.   
More up to date photos to come................

International Truck
Was looking sweet in relation to the exterior, but sitting in the weather, drove well, but power booster failed, fitted a smaller one to make it drivable, needs better bleed.
Runs well, presents well, rust was done a few years back, front end needs lube and adjust, drives ok as it is, but brakes need a pump to come up, will eventually get around to bleeding it.
Ideal classic farm truck or with a few hours work, hot rod hauler.
Will give it a bath and touch up, bleed brakes, adjust front end and re-advertise soon with better photos.  Priced for now at $2,950 XJD310



Was a daily driver, second owner, good red trim, would run with a days servicing, heavy covered rust to door bottoms, rest is good, easy restoration    $2999

Morris Major custom

Rust to bonnet, slight repairs needed to sills and doors, rear sections already welded, running Datsun 1400 motor and auto trans, and registered in SA with the upgraded engine, easy resto, great driver, we have sourced a bonnet and spare panels price by negotiation $2650

Humber snipe, brought as rod project, amazing body, roller, no running gear, suicide doors, wind out window, bargain $2950

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Ford XC Fairmont V8

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